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Precautions for screwed pipe fitting tee

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  Screwed pipe fitting tee is a kind of high-pressure tee pipe joint, which is mainly made of round steel or ingot by die forging and then processed by lathe.

  Application field of screwed pipe fitting tee

  Screwed pipe fitting tee is mainly applicable to departments and fields that need high pressure and precision size, such as petrochemical industry, medicine and health, electric power, aerospace, military industry, fire protection, metallurgy, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power, environmental protection, etc.

  Precautions for screwed pipe fitting tee

  There are two sizes of connecting pipe for screwed pipe fitting tee, connecting pipe size and B series connecting pipe size or British series connecting pipe and metric series connecting pipe. In addition, some standards directly specify nozzle size as series a. These standards include ASME B16.11 and sh3410. Some standards have two sizes, and the nozzle size needs to be implemented in the production and processing process. These standards include GB 14383-2008, GB 14383-93, GB 21634, etc.

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