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Shengtian development in the past year

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  In 2008,the company invested 60 million yuan which has completed the construction area of 36,000 square meters of production workshop and sales headquarters office building. Meanwhile, it ordered the largest and highest-tech equipment, the large-scale bending, pushing expansion of dual-use machine, hydraulic design of maximum thrust 800 tons, cylinder stroke 13000mm, machinable diameter up to 1500mm, wall thickness of 120mm, bend radius 10000mm, high-pressure large-diameter alloy bend one shape, the national leader.

  In 2009, our company invested 10 million yuan purchased a set of 3,500 tons of new large-diameter high-pressure hot-drawing special Tee equipment, and 1,500 tons of pushing machine. Our company completed finishing the update of huge bending machine, raw materials and finished products storage system and operation management system. Moreover, we incorporated into automated management, Sheng Tian, traditional brands and modern management concepts to enable the integration of the Sheng Tian Group shining with new life, the annual sales income reaching 200 million yuan. At this point, Sheng Tian Group achieved a historic leap!

  At present, the company has six production lines: two separate bends, tees, reducers production lines; cold forming, hot extrusion, machining, forging, forging, heat treatment process are advanced, which can manufacture  the products according to ISO, ANSI ANSI, DIN, DIN and GB etc. producing  10-2000 mm in diameter production of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials of elbows, reducers, tees, pipe caps, flanges, big bends, sockets a series of high, medium and low pressure pipe fittings for industrial use and their extension products, achieving a full range of R & D and manufacture of pipe fittings.

  Brilliant. Future

  Ten years hard experience, ten years development by leaps and bounds. Ten years, a brave pioneer to make the team-spirit as solid as a rock, with a vibrant cultural enterprises heyday.

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