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Blind flange referred to as blind or blind flange

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  Blind flange referred to as blind or blind flange, flange belong GB standard system. Intermediate blind flange is real, surrounded bolt holes, look like an iron lid, it is also called the flange cover, stainless steel called stainless steel flange cover. Blind flange can be a flat surface can also be sudden, uneven surface, tongue and groove, ring joint face, but there is not welded flange-like neck (what is welded flange), in short, blind law Portland purpose is to block the mouth of the pipe is the pipe material will not overflow, generally used in water supply branch pipe ends. There is a temporary part of the pipe sections to be used when the first pressure test with a temporary blockade, and some direct plus valves, some original pipe is not used now, dead on with blind flange blind.

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