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Introduction of socket pipe fittings coupling

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  The varieties of socket pipe fittings include 45 ° elbow, 90 ° elbow, tee, cross, 45 ° inclined tee, double socket collar, single socket collar, pipe cap, union, branch socket, etc.

  Socket Weld Forged Threaded Sw 6000 Pipe Fitting Coupling is mainly applicable to departments and fields such as petrochemical industry, medicine and health, electric power, aerospace, military industry, fire protection, metallurgy, shipbuilding, gas, nuclear power, environmental protection, etc., which require high pressure and precise size.

  Socket pipe fittings coupling is a kind of common fittings in industrial pipe connection. It is a short pipe, also called external joint, used to connect two pipes.

  Forged socket pipe fittings coupling is formed by heating and forging with ingot or round bar and machining thread with upper bed. According to the type of connecting pipe.

  The bell and socket pipe fittings coupling the bell and spigot structure to reduce the cost of the pipe joint, which is very convenient for installation, use and maintenance, and also has a very high leakage resistance. Because of its convenient use, it is widely used in civil construction, industry, agriculture and other fields.

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