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Screwed pipe fittings are often used in water gas pipes

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  Screwed pipe fittings are often used in water gas pipes, small diameter water pipes, compressed air pipes and low pressure steam pipes. Connected to the pipe end with thread.

  Screwed pipe fittings can be coated with suitable adhesive to ensure sealing.

  Advantages: 1/2inch Stainless Steel Screwed Pipe Fittings Nipple is an environment-friendly product that takes the place of traditional carbon steel, aluminum and copper products.

  Long life, beautiful appearance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. screwed pipe fittings is an ideal choice for high-end communities, hotels and equipment manufacturers.

  1. Gas shielded welding: the chromium and nickel on the surface of screwed pipe fittings nipple will not be oxidized under the protection of gas during welding, retaining the original characteristics and corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

  2. Pickling passivation: screwed pipe fittings nipple can make the outer wall of pipe and fittings produce a thin and dense, hard passivation film, which is the fundamental reason to prevent corrosion.

  3. Bright solidification: After forming and welding, stainless steel pipe must undergo 1050 degree solidification treatment to eliminate the internal stress caused by deformation of screwed pipe fittings nipple, reduce stress corrosion, restore intergranular changes in the process of pipe welding, carbide dissolved in austenite, to prevent adverse effects.

  4. Sealing material: Sealing material is the key point of the service life of screwed pipe fittings nipple. The service life of sealing material determines the service life of stainless steel pipeline.

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