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Material Selection of Butt Welding Pipe Fittings

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  Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group Co., ltd is specialized in manufacturing and exporting a variety of stainless steel,carbon steel pipe fititngs such as elbows, tees, reducers ,forged flanges etc. We are standard and non-standard flange mamufacure.All kind of pipe fittings, flanges are according to the international standard to produce.Each product,the quality meet the international standard inspection technical standard. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory and seek common development.

  Basically speaking, there is a wide selection of various materials for butt-welding pipe fittings.

  1) ASTM A234 Grade. WPB, WPC, WP1, WP12 CL1, WP12 CL2, WP11 CL1, WP11 CL2,

  WP11 CL3, WP22 CL1, WP22 CL3, WP5 CL1, WP5 CL3, WPR,

  WP91, WP911

  (pipe fittings of carbon steel & alloy steel for moderate and high temperature service)

  2) ASTM A860 Grade. WPHY 42, WPHY 46, WPHY 52, WPHY 60, WPHY 65, WPHY 70

  (butt weld pipe fittings of high strength ferrictic steel, matching with API 5L pipelines)

  3) ASTM A403 Grade. WP304, WP304L, WP316, WP316L, WP317, WP317L, WP347,

  WP310S, WPS31254, WP321, WPS31725, WPS31726, WPS33228,

  WPS34565, WP347H, WP348

  (butt weld pipe fittings of austenitic stainless steel)

  4) ASTM B366 Gr. N02200(Ni), N04400(Ni-Cu, Monel), N06600(Ni-Cr-Fe, Inconel 600),

  N08020(Cr-Ni-Fe-Mo-Cu-Cb, Alloy 20), N08825(Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu, Incoloy

  825), N08031(Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu-Low C, Alloy 31), N06625(Ni-Cr-Mo-Cb,

  Inconel 625), N02201(Ni-Low Carbon), N08800(Ni-Fe-Cr, Incoloy 800),

  N08810(Ni-Fe-Cr, Incoloy 810), N10276(Low C-Ni-Mo-Cr, Hastelloy C276),

  N06022(Low C-Ni-Mo-Cr, Hastelloy C22), N08904(Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu, 904L)

  (butt weld pipe fittings of nickel alloy and super stainless steel for corrosion service)

  5) Aluminium Alloy: EN AW-1050 / 1060, EN AW-5083, EN AW-6060 / 6061 / 6063,

  EN AW-6082, EN AW-5754

  (butt weld pipe fittings made from aluminium or aluminium alloy).

  6) ASTM B363 Titanium Gr.1, Gr. 2, Gr. 3, Gr. 4, Gr. 5, Gr. 7, Gr. 9, Gr. 12

  (butt weld pipe fittings made from titanium or titanium alloy)

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