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Forming process of reducer

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  Butt welded reducers are steel hot pressed or forged reducers, whose connection mode is to directly butt weld the reducers and steel pipes. Butt welded reducers are generally concentric reducers and eccentric reducers, which are made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

  The mass of the reducer should match the roundness of the existing reducer, which should not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the corresponding end, and the allowable deviation should be ± 3mm; The allowable deviation of reducer size shall conform to the rules in table 4.2.2-3. Reducer material implementation, German specification and customer request specification. Reducing pipe is a kind of pipe fitting used for reducing pipe diameter.

  The commonly used forming processes are reducing pressing, expanding pressing or reducing plus expanding pressing. For some sizes of reducers, stamping can also be used.

  Reducer processing technology and quality control, raw materials - Factory re inspection - blanking - hot pressing forming - groove treatment - rust removal treatment - appearance inspection - geometric dimension inspection - Non-destructive testing - packaging and shipping, and strictly control the quality of each link.

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