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Hebei Shengtian Group specializes in producing high quality pipe fittings union

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  Pipe fittings union is the connecting tool between pipeline and pipe, is the connection point between component and pipe that can be disassembled and assembled. It plays an indispensable role in the pipe fittings union, which are the two main components of the hydraulic pipe fittings used for instrumentation and other linear connection. Connection forms include socket welding or threaded connection. Mainly used for small-caliber low-pressure pipelines, for the parts that need to be frequently assembled and disassembled, or for the final adjustment of the use of Customized Supply Of Female Threaded Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Union. The structure form should adopt the metal surface contact seal structure, the gasket seal structure form is usually used for conveying water, oil, air and other general pipelines, made of malleable cast iron material. In addition, using requirements and prices is also a factor to consider when choosing.

  There are many kinds of pipe fittings union, commonly used pipe fittings union can be divided into hard pipe fittings union and hose fittings. If according to the connection mode of pipe fittings union and pipe, there are three kinds of hard pipe fittings union: flared, clamped and welded, and the pipe fittings union is mainly buckled rubber pipe fittings union.

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