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Custom carbon steel high pressure pipe cap

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  Custom carbon steel high-pressure pipe cap, which can not be disassembled after welding. The supporting pipe fittings include pressure vessel, pipeline, flange, elbow, tee, cross and other products. The quality of pipe cap is directly related to the long-term reliable operation of pressure vessel. Carbon steel pipe caps are mainly made of q235,20#, a16 manganese, Q345B, 45 steel, etc. Standards include GB / t25198-2010, and pipeline standards GB / t12459-2005, GB / t13401-2005, etc.

  Carbon steel high pressure pipe caps are widely used in petroleum, chemical equipment, machinery manufacturing, transportation, electric power, etc.

  1. Relax the welding residual stress of pipe cap;

  2. Stabilize the shape and size of the pipe cap structure to reduce distortion;

  3. Improve the performance of base metal and welding area of pipe cap. Including improving the plasticity of weld metal; Reduce the hardness of heat affected zone; Improve fracture toughness; Improve fatigue strength; Improve creep characteristics; Restore or improve the reduced yield strength in cold forming;

  4. Improve the ability of pipe cap to resist stress corrosion;

  5. Further release the harmful gas in the weld metal of the pipe cap, especially hydrogen, to prevent the occurrence of delayed cracks. Pipe cap is an indispensable and important part of pressure vessel equipment in petrochemical and food industries. The pipe cap is the end cap on the pressure vessel and is a main pressure bearing component of the pressure vessel. The quality of pipe cap is directly related to the long-term reliable operation of pressure vessel. The national standard pipe cap can also be called stainless steel pipe cap and alloy pipe cap. The national standard pipe cap or end cap is divided into convex pipe cap, conical pipe cap and flat pipe cap.

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