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The processing method of pipe tee

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  Pipe tee is a section of a head and a small branch tube. Obviously, the two big sizes are the heads, and the small size in the middle is the branch. In pure oxygen in the pipeline, there is a general pressure, then the oxygen activity more; such as the use of the three links, as long as the pipe in the debris moves with the oxygen flow, due to the change of diameter, flow rate changes may be caused by debris and pipe production by fire or collision due to electrostatic discharge velocity changes in use, may cause oxygen tube ignition.

  Special equipment: Carbon Steel Butt Weld Seamless Pipe Tee in pipe installed on the ejection device, the device comprises a metal rod, the top pressure regulator, commutator and bracket; the metal bar is heated, the jack and the metal rod ejection outward, three blank wall material naturally turned outward is formed; then the pipe segment length corresponding the specifications of the welding in the top pipe tee on the blank on the production of the final product.

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