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How to select pipe fitting thread screw union

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  1. Type and temperature of fluid

  According to the fluid, the suitable body material and sealing material are different.

  2. Liquid pressure

  The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selection of the pipe fitting thread screw union. Corresponding to the pressure resistance characteristics, the construction of the Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Thread Screw Union is also different.

  3. Structure of pipe fitting thread screw union

  For valve construction, there are two-way switch type, one-way switch type and two-way open type. In addition to the two-way switch type, there is fluid flowing out of the pipe during separation. So please pay attention.

  4. Service environment of quick connector

  The type, material and sealing material of the pipe fitting thread screw union shall be selected according to the humidity, dust and corrosive environment.

  5. Confirm that the connecting thread of the selected pipe fitting thread screw union should be the same

  In the process of using products with different brands, it is better to use the same brand's female and male head together. If cross use is necessary, it is better to consult the technical personnel of the product supplier before use, and use after confirmation.

  6. Installation shape and size

  Determine the model and material of the pipe fitting thread screw union, and specify the assembly shape and size corresponding to the piping properties. Please note that dimensions are related to fluid flow

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