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Forming classification of elbow screw pipe fitting

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  Elbow screw pipe fitting is a kind of elbow made by hot-pressing technology and a kind of pipe fittings. Normalizing can eliminate the net cementite of hypereutectoid elbow screw pipe fitting. For hypoeutectoid elbow screw pipe fitting, normalizing can refine the crystal lattice and improve the comprehensive mechanical properties. It is more economical to replace quenching process with normalizing for elbow with low requirement.

  Hot Push Forming

  Casting Stainless Steel 90 Degree Elbow Screw Pipe Fitting forming process is a process of heating, expanding and bending the blank on the die by special elbow pusher, core die and heating device.

  The deformation characteristics of elbow screw pipe fitting are to determine the diameter of tube billet according to the rule that the volume of metal material remains unchanged before and after plastic deformation. The diameter of tube billet used is smaller than the diameter of elbow screw pipe fitting. The deformation process of billet is controlled by the core die, so that the metal flow compressed at the inner arc is compensated to other parts which are thinned due to the expansion of diameter, and the elbow screw pipe fitting with uniform wall thickness is obtained.

  Elbow screw pipe fitting forming process has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness and continuous operation, which is suitable for mass production. It has become the main forming method of elbow screw pipe fitting, and also applied to the forming of elbow screw pipe fitting of some specifications.

  The heating modes in the forming process include medium or high frequency induction heating, flame heating and reflex furnace heating. The heating mode depends on the product requirements and energy consumption.

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