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Manufacturing process of weld outlet

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  Cutting stock

  The materials used for weld outlets are mainly pipes, plates and bars. The blanking method is selected according to the material characteristics and the shape of the billets used for the products.

  ② forming (welding)

  For the manufacturing process of High Pressure ASTM A105 Forged Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Weld Outlet, forming is an indispensable process.

  A.. Heating

  In order to meet the requirements of material deformation in the forming process, the blank needs to be heated during the forming process.

  B. welding

  There are two kinds of weld outlets with welds, one is the weld outlets made of welded pipe, the other is the welding process required by the weld outlets manufacturer to complete the pipe fittings forming

  ③ heat treatment

  Heat treatment process is an important part of pipe manufacturing. The routine inspection of heat treatment is generally completed by hardness test.

  ④ surface treatment

  The surface treatment of weld outlets is usually carried out by sand blasting, shot blasting, grinding, acid pickling and other methods to remove the rust and scratches on the product surface, so that the product can reach a smooth surface and meet the requirements of subsequent processing and inspection.

  The surface hardness of weld outlets treated by shot blasting will increase slightly.

  ⑤ cutting

  Cutting is a process to finish the welding end, structural dimension and geometrical tolerance of weld outlets. The machining of some weld outlets also includes the machining of inner and outer diameter.

  The appearance and dimension inspection of weld outlets are usually carried out after cutting.

  ⑥ non destructive testing

  Nondestructive testing is an important procedure to inspect the possible defects in the processing of materials and weld outlets. The requirements of nondestructive testing are stipulated in most pipe product standards, but the requirements are not consistent.

  ⑦ surface protection

  For the surface protection of weld outlets, the method of painting is usually used, and for stainless steel, the method of passivation after pickling is used.


  The mark is an integral part of the product. The mark content of the weld outlets generally includes the manufacturer's trademark or name, material grade, specification and other content required by the order.

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