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The role of resources allocation in blind flange market is becoming more and more obvious

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  For iron and steel industry, the new normal means that the era of high growth and high profit driven by high-speed demand growth will never return; steel demand growth slowed down significantly and entered the arc-top platform area; market supply exceeds demand, the role of resource allocation in ASTM A182 150LBS Dn100 Blind Flange market is increasingly obvious, and the price of products and raw materials is restrained; enterprise competition is from the same direction. With the qualitative change to differentiation, enterprises with poor competitiveness and backward production capacity will be eliminated. Whether the new normal is fully understood and whether the flange adjustment is in place in time will directly determine the future and destiny of the enterprise.

  Demand in the downstream is lagging behind, production of blind flanges is only increasing, and the general wait-and-see situation of iron and steel traders makes the market depressed both inside and outside, exports are decreasing, production is rising, and contradictions are still intensifying. On the export side, the trade barriers of other countries to China's steel products are still increasing, trade frictions are becoming more and more intensive, and the recovery of European economies is difficult, etc. All of these have brought adverse factors to China's steel exports. In a word, the road of China's export is not optimistic in the future, and the reduction of steel exports. It is bound to reduce the confidence of domestic businessmen, optimistic values or will drop sharply, the upward movement of flange is also extremely unfavorable.

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