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The possibility of oil casing falling is very high

2019-08-06 09:13:22   Comment:0 Hits:
  The northern part of the domestic mining market was slightly downgraded and the turnover was cold. At present, the ratio of domestic ore allocation in steel mills is gradually decreasing, which makes the production capacity of domestic oil casing continue to decline, and the pessimism of manufacturers spreads. Import mining market weakness consolidation. The trend of oil casing derivatives market is weak and the overall turnover is not good.

  Influenced by seasonal factors, the downstream terminal market has gradually stagnated, the purchase of raw materials has obviously contracted, and the oil casing enterprises have insufficient confidence in the future market, so the atmosphere of waiting and seeing is quite strong. The short-term iron ore market is expected to continue to decline. On the market side, the recent decline has been weak, although the margin is small, but the overall market has been in a weak position, for the finished seamless pipe manufacturers, API 5CT J55 Oil Casing is also a blow. In addition, many manufacturers intend to drastically reduce inventory, most believe that next year, seamless pipe is facing shuffling pattern, when the funds are insufficient, there may be bankruptcy risk. Short-term market prices are expected to be weak.

  On the whole, the market is quiet today, but this situation will not last long. With the strength of finished products and futures turning weaker, the shortfall of scrap steel market is also gathering. Later demand situation will ultimately determine the fate of scrap steel market. Resource constraints will not last long, and the possibility of oil casing falling in the later period is very large. Oil casing is suggested that businesses operate cautiously.

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