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Why can't carbon steel pipe fitting elbow touch water?

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  Carbon dioxide is a kind of impurity in water, which usually exists in a free state. A large number of bicarbonates in water exist in the free state of carbon dioxide when the pH is low, so the problem of A234 WPB 90 Degree Long Radius Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Elbow. The more carbon dioxide in water, the more H + formed, the lower the pH value of water, the more acid corrosive water produced, which destroyed the protective film formed on the surface of carbon steel and caused the corrosion of carbon steel.

  If carbon steel pipe fitting elbow is introduced into desalted water, the conductivity of water will increase and the corrosiveness will increase. Therefore, the desalination tank should have measures to prevent the atmospheric carbon dioxide from dissolving into the water tank, such as using N2 or other inert gas to protect the top space of the water tank, so as to prevent carbon dioxide from polluting the water quality of pure water.

  Carbon steel pipe fitting elbow is a common compound in the air. The chemical formula of carbon and oxygen is carbon dioxide. A carbon dioxide molecule consists of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom through covalent bonds. It is a colorless odorless gas at room temperature. Its density is higher than that of air. It can dissolve in water and react with water to form carbonic acid. It does not support combustion. Carbon steel pipe fitting elbow is commonly referred to as dry ice after compression. Carbon dioxide is not considered to be the main source of aggravating the greenhouse effect.

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