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Connection mode between pipe bend and pipeline

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  Pipe bend is usually used to connect with pipeline, which is mainly used to change the direction of pipeline. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to use the connection in various situations when carrying out pipeline construction.

  1. Welding: All pressure pipes, such as gas, steam, air and vacuum pipes, should be welded as far as possible. Electric welding is used for pipe bend diameter greater than 32 mm and thickness more than 4 mm, and gas welding is used for pipe thickness less than 3.5 mm. The compensator should not be welded.

  2. Socket and socket welding: Pipeline connection with A234 WPB Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe Bend should be replaced by socket and socket welding as far as possible. The structure is reliable, high pressure resistance and convenient construction.

  3. Flange connection: It is suitable for connecting large diameter pipe bend and high sealing pipe, such as vacuum pipe, etc. It is also suitable for connecting glass, plastics, valves and pipes or equipment.

  4. Thread connection: generally applicable to pipe bend less than 50 mm (indoor open-coated upper water pipe can be adopted less than 150 mm), working pressure less than 1.0 MPa, medium temperature less than 100 C of welded steel pipe, galvanized welded steel pipe or rigid polyvinyl chloride plastic pipe and pipe or threaded valve, pipe connection.

  5. Socket connection: suitable for buried or wall-laid water supply and drainage pipes, such as cast iron pipes, ceramic pipes, asbestos cement pipes, pipe bend, valves connection. Asbestos cement, asphalt matte and cement mortar are used as sealing materials. The working pressure is less than 0.3 MPa and the medium temperature is less than 60 C.

  6. Socket bonding: It is suitable for all kinds of pipes to connect with pipes, valves and fittings. Adhesives are applied to the outside surface of the pipe, and then inserted into the socket. After solidification, the socket is integrated, which is easy to construct and has good sealing.

  7. Sleeve connection: It is suitable for the connection of metal pipe with metal pipe or non-metal pipe or valve with diameter less than 42mm. A gasket is added in the middle. It is convenient to construct and easy to disassemble. Pipe bend is generally used in instruments, control systems and other places.

  8. Hoop connection: It is suitable for clean materials. It has the advantages of convenient assembly and disassembly, safety and reliability, economy and durability.

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