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what is the test method

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  When the Steel flanges surface indentation, generally there are two commonly used detection: is a kind of method of magnetic flux leakage testing Steel flanges, Steel flanges is an ultrasound detection. Let's explain ultrasound, mechanical vibration propagation process called wave in the medium, the human ear can feel above 20 hz frequency, less than 20000 Hertz elastic wave, so in this frequency range of elastic wave and sound wave. Less than 20 hz frequency elastic wave and sound, elastic wave is called ultrasonic frequency above 20000 hz. Sound and ultrasound can feel to the human ear. The ultrasound is the use of ultrasonic pulse reflection principle to detect the thickness of pipe wall corrosion after.

  Detection will probe vertical to the inner wall of the Steel flanges launch ultrasonic pulse and probe first received by the inner surface of tube wall reflection pulse, then probe will receive from the reflection of the surface outside wall pulse, the pulse and the distance between the internal surface reflection pulse spacing reflects the thickness of tube wall.

  Steel flanges for ultrasonic inspection advantage is large thickness, high sensitivity, high speed, low cost, harmless to human body, to locate defects and quantitative. Ultrasonic flaw detection of defects show is not intuitive, flaw detection technology difficulty is big, easy to be affected by subjective and objective factors, as well as the inspection result is not easy to preserve, ultrasonic examination of the work surface is smooth, rich experience required inspection personnel to identify the thickness of the defect type, suitable for large parts inspection, ultrasonic inspection also has its limitations.

  Second method of magnetic flux leakage detection is based on the basic principle of the high permeability of the properties of ferromagnetic materials, Steel flanges corrosion defect of permeability is far less than the permeability of the Steel flanges, the Steel flanges is magnetized in additional magnetic field, when no defects in the Steel flanges, most of the lines of magnetic force by steel tube, the lines of magnetic force uniform distribution; When the Steel flanges internal flaws, causes the bending of magnetic field lines and some lines of magnetic force leak out of the steel pipe surface. Escape detection by magnetization Steel flanges surface of magnetic flux leakage, can determine whether defects exist.

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