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How to deal with the wrong edge in the pre-drying operation of ERW pipe?

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  In recent years, due to the high yield, low price and gradual improvement of performance, more and more straight welded pipes are used in industrial production instead of ERW pipe.

  Misalignment is a common problem in pre-welding. Over-error of misalignment leads directly to the degradation or scrap of ERW pipe. Therefore, the amount of staggered edges should be strictly controlled during pre-welding. When the whole or most of the billets are out of tolerance, 4 Inch API 5L GradeB X52 ERW Pipe is generally due to:

  1. Inadequate adjustment of opening seam

  2. Seam pressing roll adjustment is not in place, there is no round pressing;

  3.The pre-bending edge is not in place, and the phenomenon of straight edge exists at the edge of the plate.

  When the head or tail of the billet is out of tolerance, it is usually due to:

  The position of import and export rollers is not right.

  4.The center of the ring frame is not right;

  5. The seam pressing roll is not good for round pressing, and the position deviation of individual pressing rolls;

  6.the forming process is not good;

  The width of ERW pipe is more than 150 mm.

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