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Method of spiral steel pipe cutting off

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  At present, plasma cutting is a common way of pipe closure for spiral steel pipe manufacturers. When cutting, a large number of metal vapors, ozone and nitrogen oxide fumes will occur, which will seriously pollute the surrounding environment. The main way to deal with the problem of smoke and dust is how to inhale all the plasma smoke and dust into the dedusting equipment, so as to prevent air pollution.

  However, the difficulty of dust removal in plasma cutting of API 5L X52 Psl-2 Welded Spiral Steel Pipe is as follows:

  1. When plasma gun is cut, air is blown out to two counter-targets at the same time, so that smoke and dust come out from both ends of the spiral steel pipe. Spiral steel pipe is difficult to recover the smoke and dust from the suction port installed on one target of the spiral steel pipe.

  2. The cold air outside the suction inlet enters the suction inlet from outside the mechanical leisure time and the air volume is very large, which makes the total amount of smoke and cold air in the steel pipe larger than the useful air volume inhaled by the dust collector, thus the complete suction of cutting smoke and dust becomes impossible.

  3. Because of the distance between the cutting parts and the dust removal inlet, it is difficult for the wind force arriving at the suction inlet to smoke and dust.

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