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Analysis of material and sealing performance of threaded flanges

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  According to different levels of pressure, threaded flanges pad also has different materials, from low-pressure asbestos pad, high-pressure asbestos pad to metal pad.ASME B16.5 Stainless Steel Forged Threaded Flange are produced and produced in different ways and processes in actual production and development. It is important to add certain elements to the actual production to increase the characteristics and value of threaded flanges and to show good service characteristics and prices. Value. threaded flanges connection is easy to use and can withstand great pressure.

  In the industrial pipeline, the filter filter bag filter is widely used for threaded flanges connection. In the family, the diameter of the pipe is small and low pressure, so the threaded flanges connection is not visible. If in a boiler house or production site, there are threaded flanges and equipment everywhere.

  1, connect the pipeline and maintain the sealing performance of the pipeline.

  2, facilitate the replacement of a certain pipeline; carbon steel is also called carbon steel, which refers to iron carbon alloy with carbon content of WC less than 2%.

  Carbon steel contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulphur and phosphorus, except for the balance valve regulator valve.

  3, easy to disassemble the inspection pipeline situation.

  4, facilitate the closure of a certain pipeline.

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