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The increase of K55 oil casing pipe has been very obvious

2019-02-13 10:01:37   Comment:0 Hits:
  The increase of K55 oil casing pipe has been very obvious. Most small and medium-sized steel mills have escaped from previous losses. Therefore, in practice, the problem of stock backlog is not big either in the oil casing pipe market or in the steel mill level. Even because of the shutdown of small and medium-sized steel mills, there is a long-term shortage of long-term products and specifications in the steel market of our country.

  The market survey found that many traders in East China feedback that steel mills need discounts on shipments, and the queuing phenomenon at the warehouse entrance is serious; once the steel mills have the shortage specifications released, the oil casing pipe market trade will be significantly enlarged. Therefore, in the long-timber market, in addition to the slight inventory backlog of conventional categories, hot specifications are still in demand, and steel mills basically do not have the pressure to ship, which is also the backing of mainstream long-timber manufacturers such as 7 5/8 API K55 R3 Oil Casing Pipe, who dare to boost the market. From the author's market survey, we can see that in the fierce market competition, a large part of the 34-wire steel mills which do not have cost advantage have already been forced out of the market by stages.

  Generally speaking, the market will not break away from the barrier of low consolidation. After a big fall, K55 oil casing pipe market will appear again "big ups and downs" and the market will be greatly reduced. Stabilization or small rises and small falls will be the mainstream.

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