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The pipe fitting union is a kind of industrial pipe fittings

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  The  pipe fitting union is a kind of industrial pipe fittings used to connect two pipes (or tubes) of different diameters. We are one of the famous steel pipe fittings manufactures in china.

  Industrial pipe fitting union the rapid development of downstream industries will drive demand of large diameter pipe fittings. At present, the power industry demand for industrial metals fittings drops, mainly on the normal performance, low content of technology of thermal power installed in 1/2" Pn 12 Stainless Pipe Fitting Union falling demand. But wind power flange, nuclear class pipe fittings and large diameter, non-standard, high-performance thermal power unit pipe fittings and so on key parts and components, are still in short supply, some need to be dependent on imports. As China's urbanization speeding up infrastructure construction, and oil and gas field development, transfer of world shipping orders, Marine resources exploration, nuclear power plant construction projects such as construction, will make the already tight supply and demand of market is more lack of mouth.

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