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Carbon steel elbow can raise warmth retention temperature

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  Carbon steel elbow is a kind of elbow which can improve the temperature of heat preservation. Carbon steel elbow is widely used in building, decoration and pipeline laying, which can ensure the normal and smooth of pipeline. The composition of carbon steel elbow is relatively simple, and its composition is relatively simple, which can be easily understood and imagined. It is a kind of straight buried carbon steel elbow made of polyurethane rigid foam steel layer filled between elbow and outer sleeve of high density polyethylene. It is a kind of high density polyurethane outer protective pipe polyurethane foam plastic prefabricated straight buried carbon steel elbow. The polyurethane foam can fill the gap between the elbow and the polyethylene casing sufficiently, and eventually make the Butt Welded 60 Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Long Radius Elbow, the casing and the carbon steel layer form a solid whole to achieve the effect of anticorrosive carbon steel. The carbon steel elbow is formed.

  Most carbon steel elbows are processed by compression, which causes plastic deformation of the processed carbon steel elbows. According to the different processing temperature of elbow, it can be divided into two types: cold working and hot working.

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