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Prospects for the development of stainless steel socket flanges

2018-04-24 15:57:07   Comment:0 Hits:
  The impact of the economic situation on the manufacturers of stainless steel socket flanges is obvious. Since the financial crisis, steelmakers have been struggling to maintain the market share of stainless steel socket flanges manufacturers. Steelmakers have to offer 5%-8% price discounts, and at the same time, they will have to give up some extra costs. Analysts from Bradford say this: "because there are too many steel products on the market." But steel prices have plummeted in recent weeks, and many steelmakers have to suspend these discounts.

  At present, China's stainless steel socket flanges industry has developed from high speed to medium low speed, and has entered the stage of medium low speed steady development, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement. In the coming period, the key work is to develop new industries supporting ASME B16.5 A105 Stainless Steel Socket Flange products.

  As long as the active digestion of excess capacity, improve the technological content of products, focus on the development of new products, products gradually from low value to high value-added transition, enterprises identify their own positioning, followed by the national "The Belt and Road" pace, develop the two markets at home and abroad, focus on products and services, to achieve a successful transition and for enterprises The healthy development of the industry.

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