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The most commonly used process of pipe fitting bend

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  Roundabout is the most commonly used method of Carbon Steel 180 Degree Pipe Fittings Bend. According to the difference of bend equipment, it can be divided into two categories: manual rotary bend and bending machine bending. Due to the simple bending equipment, low cost of manufacture and easy adjustment and use, manual bend is not necessary, but the labor intensity and productivity are very low, which are mainly used in small batch production. The bending of the pipe fitting bend can be divided into a core bent pipe and a coreless bent pipe according to whether or not it has a mandrel.

  There are many ways of pipe fitting bend. It can be divided into bending, pipe fitting bend according to the bending forming method. The mold can be divided into die bending and non die bending as the bending is used, and the core bar can be divided into core bending and non coreless bending when bending, and whether the heating can be divided into cold bending and hot bending when pipe fitting bend is bent. In recent years, new bending processes such as zero radius bending, intermediate frequency induction bending, thermal stress bending and laser forming bending have also appeared.

  The mandrel type hot push pipe fitting bend is on the special push machine. Under the axial thrust, the mandrel is pushed through the horn core and the edge is heated and pushed, so that the tube billet will be expanded in the direction of circumferential and axial bending, so that the smaller diameter pipe is pushed into a larger diameter bend.

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