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Heibei Shengtian Produce all kinds of flanges

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  Flanges are used in pairs, low pressure pipe can be used for wire connection weld neck flange, four kg or more pressure on the use of weld neck flange. The two piece of weld neck flange is provided with a sealing gasket, and then is fixed with a bolt. Hebei Shengtian supply you all kind of flanges, such as blind flanges, Forged A105 Carbon Steel Weld Neck Flange, slip on flanges, socket and threaded flanges etc.

  The nominal diameter of the flange is denoted by DN, which is the common caliber of various steel pipe and steel pipe fittings. The same nominal diameter of the steel pipe and pipe fittings are not necessarily connected with each other, not necessarily interchangeable, flange nominal diameter is not a practical sense of the outer diameter or inner diameter, the value is close to the inner diameter.

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