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About threaded flange

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  Threaded Flange is a discoid part, which is mostly used in pipe engineering. Threaded Flanges are in pairs and used with matched flanges of valves. In the pipe engineering, flange is mainly used for pipe connecting. Pipes need to be connected are installed one piece of threaded plate. Low pressure pipes can be used wire flanges. A182 F53 Gr. 2507 Threaded Flange whose pressure is over 4kg use welded flanges. Sealing gasket need to be added between two pieces of flanges and then to be tightened with bolts. Different pressure flanges have different thickness and use different bolts.

  When water pumps and valves connect pipes, some parts of these equipment also build corresponding Threaded flange shapes. It can also be called flange connecting. Any connecting parts using bolts to connect between two surfaces are normally called “flange”, such as ventilating duct connecting. These parts of parts can also called flange spare parts. But this connecting is only a part of equipment. For example, the connection for Threaded flanges and water pump. We could not called water pump as Threaded flange spare parts. Smaller valves, etc can also be called flange spare parts.

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