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Execution standard: ASTMA213/213M ASTMA335/A335M P92

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  Execution standard: ASTMA213/213M ASTMA335/A335M P92

  P92 materials is a American standard ASTM A335 P92, martensitic heat-resistant steel, more and more are used in the thermal power plant in recent years, mainly is the main steam pipe and reheat steam pipe. The main alloying elements are Cr:9%, Mo:1% and so on. Available at or above 600 degrees celsius.

  SA-335P92 steel is on the basis of SA-335P91 steel, appropriate to reduce the content of Mo element, while adding a certain amount of W, the materials of molybdenum equivalent (Mo0.5W) from 1% of P91 steel increased to about 1.5%, the steel also joined the trace amounts of boron, after the alloying improved, compared with 9% Cr columns of other commonly used heat resistant steel, its resistance to high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance of similar, but high temperature strength and creep performance improved.

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