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The sealing principle of the flange

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  The two sealing surfaces of the bolts knead the flange gasket with each other and form a seal, but this also causes damage to the seal. In order to adhere to the seal, you have to adhere to the huge bolt force, for which the bolt will have to do more. And Alloy A182 Cl12 8 Inch RF Class 150 Blind Flange will have to match the larger nuts, which means that the larger diameter bolts create the conditions for tightening the nuts. But the larger the diameter of the bolt, the applicable flange will become twists and turns, the only way is to increase the flange part of the wall thickness. The entire equipment will require a large scale and weight, which in the offshore environment has become a special question, because in this case the weight is always the main concern that we must lead to concern. Also, fundamentally, the butt is a void seal that requires 50% of the bolt load to be used for kneading the gasket and 50% of the load used to hold the pressure.

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