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The determination of the life of the butt weld flange

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  The life of the flange has a lot of factors, due to the high viscosity of the butt welding flange, chip breaking performance is poor, so the use of taps in the welding flange tapping process prone to chip scraping the workpiece thread or wire collapse Blade and other phenomena, affecting the processing efficiency and thread quality. In order to extend the service life of tap, improve the quality of thread processing, In the steckel mill, the thickness of the Stainless Steel weld neck flanges manufacturers on the entire length of the thermomechanical history of significant changes, especially in the micro-butt flange production, will strongly affect the degree of recrystallization on the finishing mill, grain growth and precipitation, And results in dramatic changes in the ultimate microstructure and function of the entire butt weld flange length. Grinding must be to maintain the original geometric shape of the front section, it is best to use the tap grinding machine grinding. The best way to solve the long taper base is to customize the base of the shorter tap according to the specific requirements of the thread to be machined.

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