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galvanized role is enough to meet people currently on the rust problem requirements

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  In addition to the role of anti-corrosion galvanized steel pipe, there is another effect, it can also rust, metalmaterial, most worried about is nothing, it is rust, rust and maintenance is very difficult, galvanized steel can make us, will dispel this concern. Although not rust resistance of galvanized steel can be permanent, butgalvanized role is enough to meet people currently on the rust problem requirements.

  We have a staff of 298,including 80 professional technicians,and our company covers an area of 160,000 square meters.In order to provide high quality,economically priced industrial tubes,steel flanges,and carbon steel pipe fitting,we have purchased testing equipment which is used for chemical analysis,water pressure testing,X-ray inspection,ultrasonic testing,eddy current inspection,tension testing,chemicaltesting,etc.We are also ISO9001:2000 approved.

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