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We have first-class inspection devices

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  We have first-class inspection devices, perfect detecting means and well-trained specialists. And we stick to ISO9000:2000 quality system and efficiently control procedure in production. We have confidence that we can supply ASTM Radius 1.5D Stainless Steel Elbow. We would like to take responsibility for any quality uncertainty. Even so, our price is competitive. Besides, we can provide the best service to you.

  we have over come the technical problem to serve customer with 14X1.2 mm pipe fittings-elbow, the pipe elbows innitially customer requried are stainless pipe fittings with small quantity , we tried hard but no pipe manufactuer can produce such special pipe, we finally adopt the pipe end machining to adjust the elbow end to customer euqipments, it with different size but can matach customer needs.so far, we we have grasped the end enlarge or narrow methods to match special conditions.

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