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erw steel pipe leakage defects introduced by galvanized steel

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  Galvanized steel sheet refers to a layer of zinc plated steel . Zinc is a frequently used method for economical and effective antiseptic , about half of the world production of zinc are used for such processes.

  In general, to reduce costs and increase the strength of steel , often add to the high silicon steel base in . Excessive addition of silicon increases surface tension , reduce wetting liquid steel capacity of zinc , plated to increase the likelihood of leakage . Furthermore, it is readily oxidized to form SiO2, are not easily removed in the acid , thus easy to form defects in the SiO2 breakout gathering region .

  To solve this problem , the use of non- continuous pickling hot-rolled steel hot dip galvanizing process . Pickling hot-rolled steel without directly into the reduction furnace and steel in the reduction furnace temperature was raised to 650-750 ℃, holding time increased to 120-400s. Protection of H2 gas volume fraction increased to more than 20%. At this time , since the volume of the hot-rolled strip of expanded scale cracks and voids , H2 can enter through these cracks and voids , so that it becomes a porous oxide layer is composed of the pure Fe and FeO . When hot-dip galvanizing , the surface forming Fe-Al-Zn alloy layer to improve the adhesion of the coating to eliminate the leakage defects in the steel .

  . Generally , the thicker the galvanized erw steel pipes allow larger errors , rather than a fixed 0.02-0.04 mm , also depending on the thickness deviation yield , tensile coefficient , etc. have different requirements , usually in the deviation width 5mm, the plate the thickness is generally between 0.4-3.2 .

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