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 The most popular material grades are made from steel flange

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  That is a very good question. Many people who call us looking for flanges think that we offer flanges in only one type of material grade. In fact, we offer flanges in all material grades.

  The most popular material grades are made from  slip on flange. We sell carbon steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings. We also supply stainless steel flanges that are used for a wide range of projects. Plate flanges can be ordered both waterworks and petrochemical applications. Bar flanges and forged spec flanges can also be made per the dimensions in our catalogue.

 blind Flange connections are in installations and constructions such as pipelines and oil platforms or cranes to wind turbines. To fit flange joints in a proper way a lot of knowledge and expertise is needed. From the design table to control flange connections, special procedures are required to maintain a certain quality. Flange Management has the knowledge to support this.

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