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The cap is generally outer diameter

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  The cap is generally outer diameter. Also known as cap plug, head, pipe cap, bulkhead, installed in the pipe outer thread on the cover wall pipe fittings. Used for sealing pipe, and the same pipe plug, but the cap can be directly screwed on the pipe, do not need other fittings. Commonly used for pipe end sampling mouth, after sampling is completed, to twist the cap, the other is in special circumstances, twist off caps, silk mouth can be connected to the pipe, the temporary feeding or continuous pump.

  In the general situation of low pressure cap for easy disassembly, maintenance, high pressure situation general don't cap. The cap includes the design of High Quality Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Fittings Cap, cone shell, reducer, flat cover and tight mouth. The head is subject to internal diameter, head diameter of particularly large, caps on the transition portion not required (unlike standard oval), usually manual can only be found on the diameter and length, and the straight edge part is long. Cap is a pipe plug, DN will use the head instead of more than 300, if the pressure, to check the strength. Cap and head shape, made of carbon steel stainless steel, cap size is relatively small, can be forged; head size is larger, the general use of steel cap pressing, generally used for the end of the pipe.

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