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Heat treatment technology of stainless steel reducer

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  In the process of reducing or expanding the diameter of pipe fittings reducer with different diameters, cold pressing or hot pressing should be adopted according to the different materials and changing the diameters of pipe fittings reducer. The tube blank smaller than the large end diameter of the different diameter reducer is formed by expanding along the inner diameter of the tube blank with an internal stamping die.

  The tonnage of the equipment needed for forming the different-diameter pipe is reduced because the 304 Welding Pipe Fittings Eccentric Stainless Steel Reducer is pressed after heating. The pipe tee is suitable for low-carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, especially for the pipe fitting reducer with large diameter and thick wall. The different diameter pipes of door specifications can also be produced by stamping with steel plates. The drawing die is designed according to the inner surface dimensions of the different diameter pipes, and the blanked steel plate is stamped and drawn with the stamping die.

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