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Prospects of Pipe Fittings Industry

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  Elbow, flange, tee, cross, reducer, etc. all belong to pipe fittings, which widely used in building industry. Elbow is used at pipe turnings; flange is used to connect pipe at the end of pipe. Tee is used to connect three pipes while cross is used to connect four pipes. Two pipes with different diameters can use reducer to connect.

  At present, China has already been the world's largest building materials producer and consumer. The output of main building material, like cement, plate glass, building sanitary ceramics and so on, ranks first in the world for many years. Stainless Steel Pipe 24" Inch Sch 40 End Cap is a general designation used in pipeline connection system, playing the role of connection, control, changing of direction, diversion, seal, support and other functions. And pipe fitting can be classified into different types according to its usage, connection mode, material and processing method.

  With the explosive growth of roads, railways and other infrastructure construction investment, as well as the steady investment growth of ordinary civil construction, construction industry is in a boom phase upstream. Meanwhile, in the background of constructing energy-saving society and strengthening independent innovation capability, energy conservation and technological innovation theme will be the development spots of the industry.

  The quality of building materials is continuously improving, and the consumption of energy and raw material is decreasing year by year. A variety of new building materials continue to emerge and building materials products constantly upgrade.

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