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What are the factors affecting surface quality of the pipe cap

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  What are the factors affecting surface quality of the pipe cap

  One of the important factors that affect the surface quality of the pipe cap is high oil content of emulsion, emulsion is essential in the operation process of cold rolling mill of pipe cap of the solution, for the smoothness of pipe cap and cooling play a very important role, but the composition of the emulsion containing oil, experienced people know, will under the high temperature of oil cracking into carbon.

  Emulsion of oil after high temperature into carbon if you can't keep clear of in time, will be a backlog in 304 stainless steel pipe surface, after rolling can form creasing. Because many oil content of the emulsion, after maintenance cover the lining of annealing can form the lining of carbon accumulation in the maintenance of cover, in other processes, carbon black and these will be brought to the surface of 304 pipe cap, which covered 304 stainless steel tube surface affect the appearance quality.

  After long time of processing work, convection on the plate and the mantelpiece also accumulated a lot of oil, carbon black and the dust and other sundry, if not clear in time, will also fall on the surface of pipe cap.

  Actually, in the end of 304 the chemical composition and surface finish of the pipe cap and manufacturing environment and clean degree is has a lot to do, as long as the convection board, in a timely manner of furnace wall clean and maintenance, can indirectly improve the quality of 304 stainless steel tube surface.

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