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Pipe bends process standards and regulations

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  Pipe bends process standards and regulations

  In what is now the regulated industry fast development today, in our daily life and work, can be seen in many places the Pipe bends, the electric power, petroleum, Marine, chemical industry and other fields of application is very extensive, mainly used in oil, gas, fluids, etc., on aircraft and its engines more occupies an important position. In such an important use cases, standards and regulations of the bending process is very important. Below small make up will tell you something about Pipe bends process standards and regulations.

  A, all Pipe bends must be in accordance with relevant standards and regulations processing (bend to horizontal flat vertical, span and spacing should conform to the requirements of the specification). Regardless of what kind of height are not allowed to bend processing to appear unstable condition.

  Second, pipe processing material must be qualified through inspection, deformation, crack defects such as Pipe bends rack pole, fittings and fasteners, is strictly prohibited bend fasteners, fittings may repair welding means.

  The basis of three, bend surface must level off, the ramming, solid, the metal substrate must level off, shall not have any deformation, the ground is soft and sweeping rod or plate must be used to increase the bearing surface and increase stability.

  Four, springboard must be laid on the bend and tidy, width, length should be consistent (except for special parts). Any springboard must be fixed tightly on the bend, platform surface must not have larger holes (except for special parts).

  The above content is the standards and regulations of the bending process, hope after watching the above content in the machining process of your future is to be of any help to you, if you want to learn more relevant content, welcome to contact us at any time!

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