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Characteristics and structural shape of stainless steel weld neck flanges

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  Weld neck flange connection is the most basic and common way of connection in various containers and process pipelines. Because of the requirement of production technology or the convenience of manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance, the connection of container and process pipeline is usually made by weld neck flange connection, which has better strength and tightness, and can be used in a wide range of sizes. The medium in the vessel and pipe is sodium bromide solution.

  Weld neck flange has strong corrosiveness. ASME B16.48 900Lb Stainless Steel 304L Weld Neck Flange has high strength, good plasticity and shear, but poor corrosion resistance, generally a month after use will appear large area corrosion phenomenon. Six months later, a large area of perforation occurred.

  Causing media leakage. If you use stainless steel weld neck flange: first, the price is more expensive. Stainless steel (ICr18Ni9Ti) flat weld neck flange is about 3-5 times as much as stainless steel weld neck flange; second, welding technology is relatively demanding, such as poor wielding, easy to cause cracks; third, the current use of stainless steel weld neck flange because of the presence of titanium carbide steel material plasticity, toughness and stamping properties. It is not easy to cause weld neck flange fracture.

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