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Cause analysis of cracks in pipe bend process

2022-05-10 08:50:02   Comment:0 Hits:
  Cause analysis of cracks during pipe bend process: defects and protection microcracks generated during medium frequency pipe bend. When induction heating pipe bend, microcracks will occur on the outside of the elbow when it exceeds a certain level of deformation temperature and a certain level of deformation. Both of these conditions are related to the material of the pipe bend. Under the similar forming conditions of low deformation speed and high tension resistance, all bending construction of the pipe bend under this condition may produce such data damage.

  In May, the domestic pipe bend market continued to decline. At the end of the month, there were signs of acceleration due to the broken position of pipe bend processing price. The social inventory of pipe bend continued to be decontaminated, and the Lange composite index closed below the 140 level.

  As for microcracks, we stop the discussion with grain boundary cracks. According to the forming conditions, the crack length is generally reachable. The cracks mainly occur on the austenite grain boundary perpendicular to the stress direction, so they are also perpendicular to the slag inclusion of the extended pipe. After the welded pipe is bent, the microstructure is recrystallized by heat treatment, so that the microcrack changes into crystal.

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