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What are the principles in the production process of carbon steel elbow

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  The carbon steel elbow mainly adopts the polygonal ring shell or the closed polyhedral sector shell with polygonal sections at both ends, which is filled with the interior of the pressure transmission medium. Under the internal pressure, the polygonal section under the internal pressure gradually becomes round and eventually becomes a ring shell. According to the needs, a ring shell can be cut into 90 degree elbows, 4 or 6 60 degree elbows or other standards. This process is suitable for making elbows. The ratio of length to diameter is greater than 1.5, which is the manufacturing method of large elbows.

  Set the pressure and flow of water in front of the carbon steel elbow to be the same, and the pressure loss will occur when the water flows through the pipe. If the loss is greater, the pressure out of the elbow will be smaller, 90DEG; The bend is equivalent to two 45DEG elbows. If the radius of the bend is the same, that is, the impact of the water rushing out of the elbow on the ground will be smaller.

  Now, the frequency of using carbon steel elbow in various pipelines is also higher and higher, and people gradually begin to pay attention to the price. Under such circumstances, we see more opportunities. It is also this situation that enables the development of carbon steel elbow, and the momentum of development is very good. The carbon steel elbow still has great characteristics. For example, as long as the raw materials are flat plate and developable surface. The accuracy is simple and easy to install and weld.

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