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The specific reasons for the corrosion of stainless steel flanges

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  It is known that stainless steel flanges are not easy to produce erosion, pitting, rust, or wear. But the specific reasons should be rarely known.

  Stainless steel flange material stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it enables structural components to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design. So stainless steel is one of the most powerful materials in the metal material used in building. A lot of building materials are made of stainless steel.

  ANSI B16.5 stainless steel Blind flange not only have good corrosion resistance, but also include mechanical strength and high elongation. They are easy to manufacture and meet the needs of architects and structural designers.Stainless steel flanges are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power plants, food manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, papermaking, medicine and other industries. They are used in different industries and show their use value in various industries.

  In fact, all metals react with the oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide film on the surface. However, the iron oxide formed on the ordinary carbon steel is inherited by oxidation, which causes the corrosion to expand and eventually form holes. In order to avoid this problem, electroplating can be used to ensure that the surface of carbon steel is not oxidized by paint or oxidation resistant metal.

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