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Rigidity of carbon steel tee

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  The rigidity of carbon steel tee is poor, which is suitable for the occasion of pressure P ≤ 4MPa; the rigidity of national standard carbon steel tee is large, which is suitable for the occasion of high pressure and temperature. The basic technological process of carbon steel tee forming technology is: firstly, weld a multi edge ring shell with polygonal cross section or a multi edge fan-shaped shell with two ends closed. After the inner part is filled with pressure medium, apply internal pressure.

  Under the internal pressure, the cross section changes from polygon to circle gradually, and finally becomes a circular ring shell. There are three types of flange sealing surface: plane sealing surface, which is suitable for the occasion of low pressure and non-toxic medium; concave convex sealing surface, which is suitable for the occasion of slightly high pressure.

  Carbon steel tees (hg20600, GB / t9121, JB / t83) are easy to make and are mainly suitable for pipeline systems with corrosive media; different materials can be used for carbon steel tee and flat welding rings to reduce the cost of carbon steel tees and improve the service performance. The sealing surface of Carbon Steel Bw Pipe Fitting Sch40 Smls Equal Tee has protruding surface, concave convex surface and tenon groove surface

  The part that connects the tube to the tube and connects to the tube end. There are holes in the carbon steel tee, and the bolts make the two tees tightly connected.

  The tees are sealed with gasket. Tee fitting means a fitting with an tee. It can be made by casting or by screw connection or welding. The tee connection consists of a pair of elbows, a gasket and several bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the sealing surfaces of two tees. After the nut is tightened, the specific pressure on the gasket surface reaches a certain value, which causes deformation, and fills the uneven parts on the sealing surface to make the connection tight. Tee connection is a detachable connection.

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