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Classification of weld outlet

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  Butt welding weld outlet is the most common branch connection. Its end is made into groove and butt welded with straight pipe, so it is considered as a butt welded pipe. The design of the butt weldolet minimizes stress concentration and provides integral reinforcement. There are STD, XS and sch160 pressure levels for butt welding weld outlet.

  Sockolet base of sockolet is the same as that of butt welding branch, but its branch connection adopts socket welding connection. There are two pressure levels of 3000 #, 6000 #.

  The base of threaded weld outlet is the same as that of butt welding weld outlet, but its branch connection adopts threaded connection and does not need welding. There are two pressure grades of threaded weld outlet, 3000 #, 6000 #.

  Latrolet for 45 ° Branches. Butt welding, socket welding and threaded connection can be used to connect with weld outlet.

  Nipolet is often used for valve installation and exhaust. The thickness is XS and XXS, the length is from 3.1/2 inch to 6.1/2 inch, and the end is socket or external thread.

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