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Socket-weld pipe flanges are typically used on smaller sizes of high pressure pipes

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  Socket flanges are typically used on smaller sizes of high pressure pipes. These pipe flanges are attached by inserting the pipe into the socket end and applying fillet weld around the top. This allows for a smooth bore and better flow of the fluid or gas inside of the pipe. Slip on Pipe flanges with a hub have published specifications that range from 1/2" thru 24". Coastal Flange provides Socket Weld pipe flanges in all material grades, specifications and sizes.

  We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers and Exporters of Pipe Fittings such as 45o, 90o and steel flange, Bends, Equal & Unequal Tees, Stubends, Eccentric & Concentric Reducers, Caps etc. in Seamless and Welded quality in Stainless Steel, carbon steel pipe fitting , Carbon Steel, Duplex, Coupro Nickel, Monel, Copper, Titanium, Aluminium And Non ferrous materials. Fittings are manufactured as per National and International Codes and Standards. We also manufacture special type Bends with PE Coating and fittings as per customer specification and drawings.

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