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  6.China has some of the best pipe manufactures in the world, but be cautious of very cheap pipe, if the price of the pipe is lower than the cost of the material something is wrong. One practice is to sell welded pipe as seamless (fake seamless). This also occurs in pipe Fittings.

  7.It is normal practice to require a deposit of approx 30% at the time of placing the order in China. Be sure the manufacture is reputable before sending funds.

  8.If you get an email asking you to send funds to a different bank/location, especially if that location is outside China, don’t send the funds until you check by other means with the manufacture first. You may have been hacked. Be sure to tell your manufacturer to confirm any such changes with you as well, as they also may have also been hacked.

  9.Visit the factory sooner rather than later. You both must get to know each other or purchase from a third pary you know and trust who has good connections with top quality suppliers.

  10 .Understand that many of these products are now primarily made in China. Even if you purchase from other countries they may have started life in China as a part or unfinished product. Saying, "don’t buy chinese" is almost impossible and senseless. In fact, many manufacturers listed as "approved" on vendors list’s don’t really exist anymore today in their present form and many European, Japanese Korean and North American suppliers now all manufacture their goods in China. It's not the Country of origin that really counts but rather the manufacture that counts. 

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