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Market analysis of threaded flange

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  Recently, the price of threaded flanges is very low. Some steel mills and material yards intend to leave the market on holiday. The price of threaded flanges is intentionally and crazily depressed. The market in East China has fallen so badly. At present, the price of threaded flanges has fallen by about 30 percent, and the actual price of some factories that have not yet fallen outside has already been lowered by about 50 percent. Nowadays, the behavior of bull bears is becoming more and more active.

  On the market of threaded flanges, except for a short rise at the opening of last night's trading, the whole day showed a narrow cross-section trend, the average price slightly declined, the market carrying capacity gradually weakened, and the fluctuation of the last market began to decline and unified, and closed at a sub-low point. Unlike the previous days, the whole day of the day showed a continuous increase in warehouses, but the overall extent was not large, and the concentrated decline of the tail was achieved by reducing warehouses. A182 F316/316L Stainless Steel Threaded Flange seems that short-selling is still more cautious, mainly with tentative guidance, and continued development is not conducive to bulls.

  In the peripheral market, the price adjustment was weak, ranging from 10 yuan, with large household shipments of 200-1000 tons. At present, the price of construction steel in Beijing has fallen to the lowest level in the whole country, and the market transaction price is approaching the 2200 yuan/ton mark. Some businessmen also say that the market is more transparent and the phenomenon of follow-up drop is more common. A sharp reduction in the price will only lower the overall level, and will not have price advantages.

  However, the downstream demand is not good, and the steel mill price limit is pressing step by step. Considering the difficulty of high-price shipment, businessmen are facing difficulties. Bidding is in a dilemma, even the winter reserve goods have to stay on the sidelines because of the market downturn. Spot, the domestic power coal market is running smoothly, and the threaded flanges turnover is very low. As for pithead, the inadequate start-up rate of several major coal-producing areas, together with a series of production restriction measures introduced by some major coal-producing provinces, will lead to a certain reduction in production, which will also have a certain impact on the market.

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