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Problems needing attention in transportation of seamless steel pipe

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  More and more enterprises will use seamless steel pipe. Some enterprises also find that in the process of using this kind of seamless pipe, corrosion may sometimes occur. For this kind of corrosion, we all want to know the reasons. Once the transportation is corroded, how to deal with it is extremely critical. At present, the seamless steel pipe used by most enterprises is composed of two important parts: conveying sensor and conveying converter, and there are transportation elements, electrode coil and shell.

  Industry professionals said that seamless steel pipe in the process of transportation, the transmission signal is very weak, so we must ensure that the key parts of seamless pipe grounding must be kept unobstructed, the liquid must also be conductive liquid, should not contain more ferromagnetic substances or bubbles. Therefore, generally speaking, when using seamless pipe, there will be transportation errors. On the one hand, the conductivity of the transported liquid is relatively poor, which may lead to instability of pipe transportation. On the other hand, the transported liquid is not handled in advance, and contains more ferromagnetic substances or bubbles, This situation will also lead to transportation blockage of seamless pipe.

  It is suggested that before using seamless pipe to transport medium, the medium transported should be treated in advance. On the one hand, the conductivity of the medium can be improved by treatment, which can help the pipe transport more accurately. At the same time, the ferromagnetic material in the medium should be disposed in advance, so as to avoid the greater impact of too many impurities on the pipe transport process. In addition, when installing seamless steel pipe, it should be far away from some vibration places, or far away from some magnetic places.

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